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The mission of Deubrook Area School District is to provide a positive and safe learning environment, to prepare students to be lifelong learners, to inspire students to reach their potential, and to promote respect and character.

Our mission statement is DREAMING, DEVELOPING, DOING.

We believe in DREAMING… or put another way, imagining the possibilities. We are preparing our students for an exciting future. In order to help our students be ready for this future, we work to help them dig deeply into themselves, to know their potential, and to strive each day to accomplish their goals. Developing.

You can see how this leads us to the next step… DEVELOPING. We provide our staff and students the highest quality resources, information, and training to help them develop their own personal knowledge base and skill set. We believe in a team model… working together and growing collaboratively. Whether it be in the classroom, on a stage, or on a field of competition, we are constantly developing and growing.

The last component of our model is DOING. Each day we work diligently through new and challenging situations. Students at Deubrook Area School District think critically, innovate, and solve problems. They use up-to-date technology in authentic real-world situations and build effective communication skills. We are confident that our students’ day-to-day experiences will help them on their life-long journey toward accomplishing their goals and realizing their dreams.

Is it time for you to join us in our mission?
Dream BIGGER… and start your LEGACY.