Foundation Board

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who represents parents, alumni, community, school, and business. It supports the Deubrook Area School District’s mission as it  supports excellence in academics, attitude and achievement.

The Board is a separate legal entity from the Deubrook School District.  It’s mission is to seek and distribute funds according to the Foundation by-laws. Funds provide opportunities for students, foster creative and innovative approaches to education, and enhance educational experiences for all.

We believe, with the loyal support of alumni, community and friends, the Foundation will have a bright future and make a significant difference for the students of Deubrook Area School District.

Foundation Board Members

Jesse King, President

Kathy Kurtenbach, Vice President

Jennifer Olson, Treasurer/Secretary

Nathan Engelstad, Dylan Murphy, Jim Koenig, Brad DeBeer (Deubrook School Representative), Jordan Johnson & Marlys Haber (Deubrook Alumni Association Represetative)